Barney’s Coffeeshop Amsterdam Is The Best Place To Smoke Various Weed And Tasty Hash

Barney's Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Barney’s Coffeeshop Amsterdam

In total, there are about 1,000 coffee shops in the Netherlands, although the main fame goes to the Amsterdam ones. Barney is a mini-empire on Haarlemmerstraat that has been around for a quarter of a century. Barney’s coffee shop is the result of the transformation of a place that was previously more breakfast-oriented and was called the Breakfast Bar but also did not disdain to sell marijuana.

After 2007, the place was completely focused on the soft drug trade, and the café and bar functions were taken over by neighboring Barney’s Farm and Barney’s Uptown. Barney Amsterdam coffee shop, however, is considered one of the most popular Barneys restaurants in the central part of Amsterdam, so it is always quite crowded here. It may not be as cozy here as in small and lesser-known coffee shops, but Barney’s fame was born for a reason – here you can always buy excellent marijuana and hashish of many varieties and smoke through a vaporizer. Barney coffeeshop Amsterdam is definitely recommended.

Barney coffee shop only sells the best stuff. The coffee shop sells marijuana, which has won many Cannabis Cup awards over the years. The Cannabis Festival is held in Amsterdam every year and attracts weed connoisseurs from all over the world.

In addition to excellent joints in Barney’s, you can be smoke free of charge through a vaporizer. The staff can advise on what is best to choose depending on your personal preferences. There are two locations: one on the shopping street Harlemmerstraat, and the other three steps from the Rembrandtplein.

In view of the above, Barney’s tops the list of best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. By the way, they only accept cash.

Barney Coffeeshop Menu

Barney Coffeeshop Menu

From the Import Hash section, you can try:

• King Hassan 1 gram – €12, 3 grams – €33, 5 grams – €54;

• Yellow Lebanese 1 gram – €12, 3 grams – €33, 5 grams – €54;

• Nepali Temple Ball 1 gram – €15, 3 grams – €43, 5 grams – €67;

• Glookies Maroc 1 gram – €15, 3 grams – €43, 5 grams – €67;

• Amnesia Polm 1 gram – €15, 3 grams – €43, 5 grams – €67;

• Malana Cream 1 gram – €16, 3 grams – €45, 5 grams – €72;

• Caramella Cream 1 gram – €15, 3 grams – €43, 5 grams – €67;

• Turkish Delight 1 gram – €16, 3 grams – €45, 5 grams – €72;

• Nepali Pollen 1 gram – €16, 3 grams – €45, 5 grams – €72.

Coffeeshop company menu Ice-o-lator / Dry freeze / Rosin contains:

• Barney Bubble 1 gram – €29, 3 grams – €80, 5 grams – €130;

• Cookies Ice-Cream 1 gram – €45, 3 grams – €120, 5 grams – €200;

• Mimosa Melt 1 gram – €55, 3 grams – €149, 5 grams – €247;

• Liberty Dry Freeze 1 gram – €55, 3 grams – €149, 5 grams – €247.

Also, Barney’s Amsterdam coffeeshop menu has Space Cake – Various Flavors €7.50

Coffeeshop in Amsterdam menu offers Pure Joints:

  • Menu mix €7;
  • Blue Cheese €7.50;
  • Liberty Haze €7.50;
  • Cookies Kush €7.50;
  • Tangerine Dream €7.50;
  • Strawberry Zkittlez €10;
  • Blue Gelato 41 €10.

Mixed Joints:

• Menu mix €4.50;

• Blue Cheese €5;

• Liberty Haze €6;

• Cookies Kush €6;

• Tangerine Dream €6;

• Strawberry Zkittlez €7.50;

• Blue Gelato 41 €7.50.

A nice bonus is that Barney’s coffeeshop Amsterdam menu contains cannabis fertilizer Airtight Glass Flower Flask:

  • Small €6;
  • Large €7.
Coffeeshop in Amsterdam menu offers Pure Joints

The authors of the article tried their best to tell you what you can try in Barney’s coffee shop, as well as what delicacies you can enjoy. Be sure to visit one of the most popular coffee shops in Amsterdam and relax. In Amsterdam coffeeshops, you should be careful not to overdo it with the amount of marijuana. You can find other good places at Amsterdam Coffee Shop Prices: Read the Article Now to Know Everything

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