Why We Should Legalize Weed: You Will Be Shocked After Reading Our Article

why we should legalize weed

Have you ever thought about why we should legalize weed?

We find ourselves in an interesting period in history when countries are changing the status of cannabis in legislation. Legalization definitely has positive aspects, and here are ten arguments to support it.

So why to legalize weed? Read to understand!

Here, we prepared for your arguments for legalizing marijuana:

good reasons to legalize weed

Saving the country’s budget

Cannabis is the most widespread and popular drug in the world, and a huge number of people in prisons are ordinary users of marijuana. The state spends a lot of money on their maintenance, and the police spend time catching canna lovers instead of dealing with more serious crimes. So why is legalizing weed well?

Just like the ban on alcohol, the ban on cannabis has created a violent illicit market. The original idea behind the ban was to discourage cannabis use, but it turned out exactly the opposite. The consumption of marijuana around the world has only increased and continues to grow along with the world’s population. Obtaining weed illegally has become easier than ever, and because of this, spending from the country’s budget to fight the black market is growing.

Freedom and justice

Police arrest thousands of people caught with weed every year. These can be both simple smokers and people in need of medicinal use of the plant. And if for a packet of marijuana, which does not cause serious harm to health, they give more than for murder, then something clearly went wrong.

Everyone has the right to life, freedom, and happiness in any way unless he harms himself and other people. The ability to use marijuana is a matter of freedom and personal choice as an adult. A ban on cannabis violates these rights.

Road safety is one of the important arguments for legalizing weed

Critics of legalization promised a sharp increase in the number of dangerous situations on the roads, but this did not happen. Thousands of people die on the roads due to drunk driving, but usually intoxicated. The legalization of cannabis has not affected road safety.

The teens are safe

According to many recent studies, adolescent marijuana use remains either at the same level as it was during the ban, or is falling.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that only the forbidden fruit is sweet, and when it is available, it is no longer so sweet. And when your parents can smoke your joint, it’s not that interesting anymore. The taxation model helps to reduce adolescent cannabis consumption in legalized settings. The black market does not verify IDs, but licensed stores do.

And this is one of the important marijuana legalization reasons.

Product safety

The legal market allows to control the goods entering the store shelves and to develop the industry. That’s why it can be one of the reasons for legalizing marijuana. Thanks to legalization, marijuana goes through a series of checks and ends up in the hands of buyers harmless, which cannot be said about the black market.

Regulating cannabis, like alcohol, removes the chaos in production and distribution. Licensed and regulated companies replace dangerous drug dealers and consumers receive safe proven products.

Huge medical potential – medical marijuana arguments

There is already a lot of scientifically proven evidence that cannabis fights nausea and epilepsy. Marijuana relieves the pain and the suffering of critically ill patients and those undergoing chemotherapy. Medicines made from natural hemp do not cause negative effects on the body, like other drugs, which can be not only toxic but also deadly. The medicinal uses of this plant are expanding thanks to research, and scientists are constantly amazed at the beneficial properties of cannabis.

Extra Marijuana legalization pros:

No more broken lives are also one of the good reasons to legalize weed

The ban on cannabis became the reason for the arrest of descent and law-abiding citizens. A person who has done nothing wrong in his entire life and regularly pays taxes may end up in jail simply because he prefers a vacation with marijuana instead of alcohol.

Job Creation and Budget Increase

Legalization brings money, and that’s a fact. Alcohol tax makes good money for the state, but countries with harsh drug policies forget how much money legalizing cannabis can bring. In the United States, the legal marijuana industry brings in nearly $ 11 billion, even though federal legalization has yet to take place.

Other reasons why cannabis should be legal or not:

why to legalize weed

Cannabis – the first and the last

The starter drug theory has not been scientifically proven, and in countries with legal marijuana, people have not shown a greater interest in harder drugs. Cannabis users are not more interested in other substances than they used to be. On the contrary, the legal market avoids drug dealers who, in addition to weed, try to sell other heavy substances to the buyer.


Also, unscrupulous police officers can use planting drugs, the most accessible of which is marijuana, and use it against people they dislike or improve statistics. A very small amount of a plant is enough to be prosecuted, and if the weight is not enough, you can always report it.

We are sure that reading this article will tell you about the reasons why pot should be legalized!

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