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Albania is planning to legalize marijuana

albania legalize

The Government of Albania is preparing a bill that will legalize the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes. This was stated by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

“We have been working on this bill for a year now. And it will be ready soon. The main thing we do is to consult with those who already have such experience. We do not discover anything new; we learn from others. The bill will be submitted for public discussion, as well as the bill on tax amnesty for producers of this drug. This bill is discussed with international institutions in advance,” he said during a joint press conference with EU ambassador Luigi Soreca.

Just to remind you, Albania is currently considered one of the largest producers of marijuana in Europe. In early 2020, Italian media reported that the volume of marijuana grown in this country recently “has increased by 12 times or 1200%. The Albanian authorities refuted this statement. Nevertheless, tens of thousands of cannabis plantations are hidden in the Albanian mountains.

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