🏡|420 Culture|Abraxas Coffee Shop Is The Best Place To Smoke Different Types Of Weed And Hash Joints

Abraxas Coffee Shop Is The Best Place To Smoke Different Types Of Weed And Hash Joints

Abraxas Coffee Shop

Abraxas Coffee Shop

The name of this coffee shop refers to the seven classic planets of the Middle Ages, it is a great place to hang out in a mystical oriental atmosphere. Its interior is also worth noting. The walls are covered with fine wood carvings and painted tiles. This spacious and tastefully decorated Abraxas coffee shop Amsterdam has been given a lot of care and effort by the owners. The neat and cozy atmosphere attracts visitors who want to sit down and taste the excellent marijuana varieties: Mako Haze, Amnesia Haze, or Amnesia Lemon. Among these excellent choices are Ketama and Moroccan, which are classic and popular varieties that are popular with customers.

Abraxas is tucked away in a side street just a stone’s throw from the Kalverstraat shopping street. It is 100 meters from Dam Square, Amsterdam’s main square. The coffee shop occupies 2 floors and boasts an absolutely cosmic interior. There are no specific coffee shop rules Amsterdam, you just need to be an adult.

The Abraxas Amsterdam coffee shop menu has joints, loose weed, and of course muffins and brownies. Be careful with the latter, the effect will have to wait more than an hour. Cards are accepted.

Abraxas coffee shop

Menu coffee shop Amsterdam 2021:

The Weed menu section:

  1. Gelato 1gr – €17.5 gr – €75 indica / sativa;
  2. Hawaiian Haze 1gr – €16.5 gr – €75 mostly Sativa;
  3. Kosher Kush 1gr – €15.5 gr – €70 mostly Indica;
  4. L.A. KUSH 1gr – €15.5 gr – €70 mostly Indica;
  5. Amnesia Lemon 1gr – €14.5 gr – €65 mostly Sativa;
  6. Cheese 1gr – €14.5 gr – €65, mostly Indica;
  7. Apple Jack 1gr – €13.5 gr – €60 mostly Sativa;
  8. Purple Haze * 1.2gr. 1gr – €10.5 gr – €35 outdoor bio Sativa;
  9. Sativa Sundance * 1.2gr. 1gr – €10.5 gr – €35, mostly Sativa.

Hash at Abraxas coffee shop weed Amsterdam:

  • Cream de Maroc 1gr – €15, 5gr – €70 Morocco;
  • Amnesia Lemon 1gr – €11, 5gr – €50, Morocco;
  • Super Pollum 1gr – €10, 5gr – €45, Morocco;
  • Ketama Gold €10 for 1.4 gr, 5gr – €70 Morocco.

There is a special offer in Abraxas coffee shop bar Amsterdam for weed and hash: buy 5 gr and save up to 20%.

Pre-rolled weed joints with tobacco:

  1. Hawaiian Haze €5.50 mostly Sativa;
  2. Haze €4.80 mostly Sativa;
  3. Cheese €4.80 mostly Indica;
  4. Purple Haze €3 outdoor bio Sativa;
  5. White Widow €11 for 3 mostly Indica.

Black Hash:

  1. Nepal Cream 1gr – €18, 3gr – €45 Nepal;
  2. Afghan Pollum 1gr – €12.50, 5gr – €55.50 Mazarl sharif.

Pre-rolled hash joints with tobacco:

  • Super Pollum €3.80 Morocco;
  • Ketama €3.30 Morocco.

Pure pre-rolled weed joints:

  • Pure Haze €8.50 mostly Sativa;
  • Pure White Widow €6.50 mostly Indica;
  • Hash brownies & weed vegan muffins, €7.50.
amsterdam coffee shop smoking weed

Abraxas is a beautiful coffee shop Amsterdam smoking that you simply must visit if you come to this city. In addition, it is located in a fairly convenient coffee shop central Amsterdam area.
The authors of the article wish you a pleasant stay and want you to have a good rest and have a pleasant smoke of weed or hash, which can be done absolutely calmly and relaxed in Abraxas Amsterdam coffee shop smoking weed. Read more at https://fourhundredandtwenty.biz/amsterdam-coffee-shop-prices/.

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