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7 cannabis influencers on Instagram

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Instagram is a place where new trends appear every day! This social network is fantastically popular around the world, as is cannabis. In this article, we will tell you about the most impressive stoner Instagram names. Here you will find a lot of useful information: photos of resinous bushes, tips from experienced growers, information about the best marijuana strains, growing devices, and equipment, photos of bongs, and modern accessories.

The community of weed Instagram names thrives, creating interesting, exciting, and rewarding content. And each of the next seven accounts brings something different to the big picture. If you sign up for all seven, you’ll soon find that your feed is full of high-quality cannabis-related content.

Sign up and turn your ideas about the world of cannabis upside down:

Jorge Cervantes (@jorgecervantesmj)

Jorge Cervantes is a legendary Grover, writer, and speaker. He has written dozens of articles and books about cannabis, including the famous “Marijuana Horticulture”. Cervantes’ knowledge is truly vast – he is well versed in both traditional and modern methods of grooving.

It is particularly useful for novice growers to keep an eye on his weed Instagram account, as Cervantes shares the most advanced growing techniques with subscribers. The information is exclusive and difficult to find anywhere else. He also tells about his achievements and different varieties, savors curious facts from the history of cannabis, and informs about profitable promotions. Jorge Cervantes’s account is simply impossible to miss if you are interested in improving your growing skills.

Canna Obscura (@canna.obscura)

Cannes Obscura is a co-founder of TKO Reserve, a supplier of cannabis-based organic in the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Her account includes photos of different varieties of plants with large, resinous buds, as well as professional bong photos and interesting pictures of Canna Obscura’s rich life and fascinating activities. Canna devotes a lot of time to animals, as well as journeys to wild places and cultural centers that few people have heard of. Some of her photographs of buds show trichomes so close that they look like extraordinary flashlights.

For those who want to get to the heart of Cannes culture, Cannes Obscura opens the door to this exciting and glittering world!

K. Kronic (@karl_kronic)

If you like beautiful pictures of cannabis plants, you can’t take your eyes off the stunning pictures of Karl Kronik. His pictures show cannabis from unexpected angles that are striking and often even shocking. In some of his pictures, for example, you can see buds filled with aromatic resin and oil that look like alien rocks. The photographer invites the viewer to admire the amazing geology of the “other world” – large and small buds of different shades, joints with intricate ornaments, marijuana in the form of Thai chopsticks, complex canna-compositions, and many others. If you want to look at marijuana in a new way, you’ll love this account for sure!

Academy Of Cannabis Science (@academyofcannabisscience)

CANNABIS ACADEMY is for those who want to explore the nature of cannabis in depth. The academy offers a wide range of courses related to cannabis and marijuana. Here you can find answers to various questions: from advice on how to treat pain with THC, to advice on building the ‘right relationship’ between cannabis and pets. In Instagram Account, you can keep track of the latest news about the Cannabis Academy and its courses, read quotes from legendary personalities, interesting stories, and research related to cannabis. If you want to increase your intellectual involvement in the Cannabis world, be sure to sign up for @academyofcannabiscience.

Dabbing Granny (@dabbing_granny)

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Despite the fact you cant follow her account at the moment, there is still a huge army of fans admiring legendary content.

The name of this Insta account speaks for itself. A grandmother who loves dubbing is a true revelation to connoisseurs of this way of using concentrated marijuana of all ages. Grandma often publishes stories about her adventures ‘under the influence’, new accessories, and the challenges of aging.

The amazing grandmother shows the world of cannabis from a completely unexpected angle and reveals a side of cannabis culture that is often forgotten. Check up this account if you appreciate the combination of subtle humor, worldly wisdom, and extensive knowledge of dubbing technology.

The National Joint league LLC (@national_joint_league)

An incredibly funny account with a lot of photos, which show the original marijuana sculptures. For example, in one of the photos Iron Man made of weed and paper holds a “pleasure rocket” made of marijuana in each hand. The other photo shows an Alien made of marijuana joints with weed; the third photo shows a tarantula made entirely of marijuana.

If you are looking for a stoner Instagram names that show the best canna sculptures, then national_joint_league is just what you need. These funny figures will inspire, entertain, and enchant you. Once you join this funny League, you’ll never be able to look at marijuana like you used to.

Heady Hawaii (@headyhawaii)

If you are looking for modern canna accessories, sign up for a HEADY HAWAII account. There’s plenty of really cool stuff and tricks for marijuana – pipes, bongs, bowls, and other accessories made by true master glassblowers.

Each post introduces cannabis enthusiasts to the most incredible devices, always something unexpected, fascinating, and inspiring. The quality of the pictures deserves a separate admiration! The pictures perfectly convey bright colors and often have attractive backgrounds in the form of a charming sunset or a piercing blue sky. If you follow the latest developments in the Cannes Accessories market and prefer to make these products look like works of art, then you’re in the right place.

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