5 Stoner Stereotypes

bad marijuana stereotypes

The stereotypical stoner is a glossy, lazy loser who listens to reggae and has cannabis prints on every item of the outfit. These people constantly have a bag of weed or at least a few joints with them and always-red eyes.

This image is one of the terrible marijuana stereotypes that have entered our heads through mainstream culture. However, movies tend to exaggerate the phenomena to achieve emotion and resonate with the audience.

What if this image is true and what has nothing to do with reality? We are going to analyze the major pothead stereotypes.

Teenage clothing

stoner stereotypes

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about teenagers who like weed is the defiant appearance. The stereotypical stoner look includes a dusty hoodie with a picture of a cannabis leaf and a hood that hides a droopy head. Of course, you can meet characters like this, but they were most likely inspired by this image and try to emulate it intentionally.

A person who regularly uses cannabis does not have to declare it through clothing or accessories. Most people who are used to getting high after work don’t look any different from their peers and you would never know it from their closet.

Reggae Music

marijuana stereotypes that are not true

Bob Marley and his life-affirming lyrics are really good music that’s worth listening to, but its popularity has not been that high for a long time.

Marijuana can’t change a person’s brain enough to become a follower of a particular genre. Moreover, stoned people are more open to new things and accept musicians unknown to them before with great pleasure.

Listening to music is also one of the best things to do while stoned, which is why most marijuana users are music lovers and listen to everything.

Personal Failure

marijuana stereotypes

Laziness and dysfunctionality are among the top stoner stereotypes. Nothing explains the problems in the life of a junkie better than substance abuse. Many people believe that weed is the only cause of all failure, but unfortunately, life is a little more complicated than that.

Problems in career and personal life drive people to stress-relieving substances and these substances only make it worse. It’s like a vicious cycle but when it’s just a matter of weed, it’s easy to get out of it. Each individual’s failures are solely up to them and it would be too naive to shift all responsibility to one of the most harmless drugs.

There are also hundreds of examples of successful people who have used cannabis regularly. This substance affects the body in a very non-toxic way and is not physiologically addictive. This allows you to smoke a joint and continue to lead a socially active life: going to work and having a family.

The smoker always knows where to get anything

pothead stereotypes

Usually, people who are far away from the drug world and are used to lumping all unknowns into categories think this way. Like we said, marijuana is much different from other substances, and those who use it regularly usually don’t look for anything else.

Part of the truth is that the smoker always knows where to get the weed. It would be very hard for him if he didn’t know. Since the wave of legalism has hit most states, they don’t even have to make acquaintances with dealers or use other illegal services. Marijuana sold in storefronts-what could be easier?

Also, the smoker may know someone who uses other drugs, but you shouldn’t count on them to be able to get everything.

Smokers are stupid

We’d like to make a few grammatical mistakes as possible breaking stoner stereotypes about stupidity. However, smoking anything doesn’t make your brain any smaller or your thoughts any easier. On the contrary, THC speeds up the transmission of impulses between neurons and makes your head produce amazingly complex theories in a matter of seconds.

Bad marijuana stereotypes are associated with a lethargic state after the active phase of the substance ends. Also, long-term use of marijuana impairs short-term memory, but this only indirectly affects your intellectual abilities.

We have selected the main myths about smokers that some people still believe. In 2021, more people are trying cannabis and recognizing its health benefits. Maybe your coworker would like to smoke with you but is embarrassed to be judged because of society’s preconceived notions.

Let’s free ourselves from prejudice and avoid judging people we don’t know through marijuana stereotypes that are not true.

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