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5 movies about cannabis

We chose five of the most memorable movies, the plot of which you can not imagine without marijuana.

“Ultimate Grow” by Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes is the pseudonym of a gardener and author of many books and articles on the therapeutic cultivation of cannabis, George Van Patten. In the film, he shares his impressive experience of growing marijuana at home. It reveals the nuances of the greenhouse, organic, and hydroponic systems of cultivation. Describes in detail the influence of all external factors, explains what the proper plant care should be. The film will help not only beginners but also experienced riders who can emphasize something new and useful for themselves.

“Dude, where’s My Car?”

It is a youth comedy with Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott, which become a true classic of the genre. The main characters in the movie are Chester and Jesse, marijuana lovers. They lead an irresponsible life, enjoy youth, and do not think about tomorrow. But one day, when they wake up in the morning, they don’t remember anything about yesterday. A lot of questions arise, and the main one is “where’s Jesse’s car?”. The picture of yesterday becomes clear as the plot develops and leads to an unusual conclusion. The role of marijuana in the film is quite mediocre, but it demonstrates that its use can lead to funny and unpredictable consequences.

“Humboldt County”

The main character of the film, Peter Hadley, meets a girl. After spending the night with her, he wakes up at her parents’ house in Humboldt County, an area where marijuana is grown on an industrial scale. The parents of a stranger turn out to be growers. They live in solitude with nature and are fully satisfied with life. Gradually Peter gets used to their way of life and realizes that this is the perfect place to find himself. The film reveals the lifestyle of people for whom marijuana has become the key to self-knowledge, happiness, and love.

“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

It is the most original and realistic film about marijuana and drugs in general. Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp are starring excellently. The film’s characters, journalist Hunter Thompson and his confused lawyer Dr. Gonzo are sent to Las Vegas to cover the local motorcycle race. They took a suitcase that contained a collection of different drugs with them. Friends faced with many hallucinations and delusions. Funny but sometimes scary things start to happen because of them. The film shows the way people think when they are high and the difficulties they face at that moment.


A film about two friends engaged in the industrial production of the best medical marijuana in California. Ben is an outstanding Grover and businessman, Chong is a former military man and solves problems. They are peaceful and decent people, love to taste their product, and are crazy about the same girl. Growing marijuana for them is a mission, a way not only to earn money but also to give people joy. But everything starts to fall apart when the Mexican cartel gets interested in their business. The girl they love is kidnapped and forced to work for the cartel. Friends have nothing to do but become Savages.

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