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5 cartoons for smokers

5 cartoons for smokers

Animation features, bizarre characters, outrageous or illogical storylines enhance the inspiring cannabis effect. We invite you to boldly indulge in pleasure and laughter, completely immersed in the world of cartoons. Here’s the list of cartoons that are perfect for enjoying the full effect of cannabis by sitting on a soft sofa in front of the TV.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

It’s hard to put the concept of this animated series into words. Even a simple attempt to describe the characters suggests that the creators were under the influence of high effect when they created their show. The characters are meaningless, the plot is often strange, and the style of animation is imbued with mockery.

It may seem that you should not waste your time watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but under the influence of marijuana, the cartoon seems to begin to make sense. Why is that? Don’t ask us, just watch it.

Looney Tunes

An absolute classic that contains all the elements necessary for a fun and comfortable pastime under the influence of the stone effect. The behavior of the cartoon characters at first may seem realistic, but over time you realize that it is not. Their actions are absurd, stupid, and impossible. They easily deceive death and violate all known laws of physics.

Episodes of the animated series are short and easy to perceive, so Looney Tunes will certainly remind you of carefree childhood and keep a good mood.

Rick and Morty

No matter how many times you watch the same episode of the cartoon “Rick and Morty”, there is always a subtle understatement or hidden message that you miss. It contains both obvious jokes and those that will understand only devoted fans of the series. Wubba Lubba dub dub!

Adventure Time

If you don’t like classic animation stylistics, Adventure Time is what you need. It is a modern remaster of cute children’s cartoons. Children will love the many bright characters, and adults will appreciate the dialogues.

Adding a little more marijuana is the perfect way to combine attractive animation with an interesting narrative that makes you laugh. When your mind wanders through space, you will suddenly feel that you are here with the team “Time of Adventure”.

SpongeBob SquarePants

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of SpongeBob. Cartoon series perfectly combines simple animation and adult themes. This will be confirmed by anyone who has spent at least some time on the Internet in the last five years. It has a great collection of Sponge Bob memes that will make you smile and think.

Take a few deep breaths and charismatic sea characters will become your best friends. In some series you will not see the point – they were created just to make you laugh.


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