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a most efficient way to get high

Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed

Do you know that almost 11.8 million adults used marijuana in 2018 which must have grown till now! according to...

bad marijuana stereotypes

5 Stoner Stereotypes

The stereotypical stoner is a glossy, lazy loser who listens to reggae and has cannabis prints on every item of...

weed bonsai

How to Bonsai Cannabis?

The ancient Japanese art of growing dwarf trees in pots called bonsai attracts not only the descendants of the samurai...

weed tattoo ideas

Weed Tattoos Designs

Many people believe that a tattoo of marijuana has only one meaning – its owner surely uses a weed. However,...

movies about cannabis

5 movies about cannabis

We chose five of the most memorable movies, the plot of which you can not imagine without marijuana. “Ultimate Grow”...

weed festivals

Top World Cannabis Events

Marijuana events sound like an attractive offer for tourists. Temples or caves have existed for hundreds of years, which means...

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