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420 Coffeeshop Amsterdam And Other Popular Places To Smoke Tasty Marijuana And Hash

420 coffeeshop amsterdam

420 Coffeeshop Amsterdam

What do tourists come to Amsterdam for? Of course, for cheese, tulips, and wooden clogs. However, it is no secret to anyone that many people come here to smoke legal grass and eat mushrooms – or even get hold of something more exotic. If you are one of them, it will be helpful for you to learn more about the psychoactive substances sold in Amsterdam.

Marijuana and hashish, as well as cannabis-based space cakes and lollipops, are sold at the Amsterdam coffee shop. Regular cafes don’t look much different from coffee shops, so read the signs carefully: the coffee shop is called koffiehuis in Dutch, and weed shops in Amsterdam are exactly what you need in this case.

If you do not know which variety and what you need at all, then consult with the seller. The menu usually just lists the varieties of marijuana and hashish.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular coffee shops in Amsterdam. It’s about 420 Cafe. A very unusual and stylized place like an old pub, where you will definitely like it and will want to come back here again. It really sells the best herb in Amsterdam.

420 Cafe Amsterdam Menu

420 Cafe Amsterdam Menu

420 Cafe Amsterdam is located right on one of the main canals of Amsterdam and looks more like a bar than a coffee shop.

  1. White Widow 1 gram – €11, 5 grams – €50;
  2. Blueberry 1 gram – €12, 5 grams – €55;
  3. 420 Kush 1 gram – €13, 5 grams – €60;
  4. N.Y. Diesel 1 gram – €14, 5 gram – €65;
  5. 420 Haze 1 gram – €14, 5 grams – €65;
  6. Neville’s Haze 1 gram – €15, 5 grams – €70;
  7. Pineapple Chunk 1 gram – €15, 5 grams – €70.

They also have a promotion that, when buying 5 grams, a discount of €5. This is a huge plus for the Amsterdam 420. They were all Sativa and Indica varieties.

Also, Cafe 420 Amsterdam has Pre-Rolled Joints:

  • Hash (with tobacco) €6;
  • Marijuana (with tobacco) €4;
  • Reefer (pure marijuana without tobacco) €7.

As for hashish, here’s what this coffee shop has to offer:

  • Parvati Crème 1 gram – €14, 5 gram – €65;
  • Nepal 1 gram – €12, 5 grams – €55;
  • Maroc “Red” 1 gram – €8, 5 grams – €35;
  • Maroc Caramello 1 gram – €11, 5 grams – €50.

And Space Cake:

  • Chocolate Cake €7;
  • Lemon Cake €7.

The authors of the blog wish you a pleasant time in the coolest coffee shops and don’t go overboard with the quantity, it’s always better to start with less.

Find more information at Amsterdam Coffee Shop Prices: Read the Article Now to Know Everything

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