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10 world marijuana records

marijuana records

Almost everyone wants to set their world record, but not everyone is destined to realize their dream. Whether it’s the longest hair in the world or the biggest flag of the country, people come up with many different ways to put their names in record books. Cannabis lovers are just like everyone else, so they also want to stand out. And although you won’t find some of these records in The Guinness Book of World Records, they are accurately documented in the Cannabis Hall of Fame. They’ve all set the bar high for marijuana lovers around the world.

From the world’s largest cannabis farm to the world’s largest bud, they’re all world records for cannabis!

1. The world’s biggest cannabis farm

No cannabis farm is comparable in size to Aurora Sky, located in Canada. It is built like a greenhouse and has a working area of 75,000 square meters. The entire farm is located on 120,000 m2 of land. It is expected that by the end of 2020, Aurora Sky will grow about 10,000 kg of finished product per month. It is an excellent idea, as Canada has recently experienced a shortage of legal cannabis.

In comparison, Aurora Sky’s closest competitors have 32,500 and 33,500 square meters of sown area. These are Harbourside Farms and Canopy Growth.

2. The world’s largest joint

Tony Greenhand is known as the world’s largest joint creator. 4.20.2016, he surpassed himself. Suddenly the ordinary joints were not enough for him, so he made a massive “watermelon” within five days, which could fit almost two kilograms of buds. He needed a hose to use it. Tony even designed an exclusive stand to put his brainchild on it.

3. The most expensive self-roll in the world

The world’s most expensive self-roll, filled with marijuana, which is valued at $24,000, was created by Stone Road Farms. It grows and sells marijuana in California. The record was set in honor of receiving all official permits to work in the state. The creator used 24-carat gold cigarette paper.

4. The largest number of self-rolls in the world

Irvine Rosenfeld is a marijuana enthusiast and a real legend in the cannabis world. His record was officially recognized in 2014 and entered the Guinness Book of World Records as “the highest number of marijuana rolls used by one person.” At the time of official recognition, Irvine had used more than 115,000 marijuana spinners in his lifetime. That’s more than anybody in the documented history.

5. The biggest Hotbox

During the Vancouver 2015 Kush Cup hemp festival, a group of young people evaporated 422 grams of cannabis concentrate in pans to fill a room with sweet smoke. A real milk cloud filled with THC was formed inside. It was a world record.

6. The most killer Indica in the world

And although growers produce new strains every day, there is always an immutable classic. The Irish Cream strain is the most killer Indica in the cannabis market. It shows stable results at all competitions, concentrating 27% of THC in its flowers.

7. The most powerful Sativa in the world

Ghost Train Haze has set records in several cannabis Cups, becoming the most killer Sativa in the world. The plant produced stable 25-27% THC. The breeders of Rare Dankness Seeds were responsible for creating this miracle.

8. The most killer strain in the world

Today, the most lethal strain of cannabis in the world is Chiquita Banana, whose THC index reaches as much as 33%. However, it is unlikely that it will be able to retain its superiority for a long time, as competition among growers is very high nowadays. This renowned variety is something in between OG Kush and Banana. It is stable and has a high-performance rate.

9. The most yielding auto-flowering strain in the world

The video on Grow Pot Cheaply’s YouTube channel proved that you don’t need to grow many large cannabis bushes to get an abundant harvest. The video shows Grow Pot Cheaply getting a bag of buds from one auto-flowering cannabis bush. The weight of the dry finished product was 1.12 kg. The grower claims that he would have harvested more, but he was unable to maintain a favorable climate, which forced him to withdraw his harvest a little earlier.

The cultivation took place in a separate room using a 600-watt Apollo HPS lamp. A few weeks before the harvest, it was replaced by an 800-watt full-spectrum Black Diamond LED light to “explode” the inflorescences before the harvest. Grover grew Auto Critical from Royal Queen Seeds, an English seed bank.

Unlike most gardeners, it used a closed system in which it was possible to maintain a stable carbon dioxide level no higher than 1500 ppm. A special timer, which kept this value between 800 and 1200 ppm, was set internally. The temperature was kept at 25.5 degrees.

10. The biggest bud in the world

Grover “Remo” is known as the man who grew the biggest marijuana buds in the world. Some of them are the size of an arm, leg, and forearm. These giant buds are delicious! I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else like them.

What kind of marijuana record would you like to set?

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