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10 interesting facts about cannabis seeds

facts about cannabis seeds
  • Useful properties of cannabis seeds were discovered in ancient times. People have been cultivating this plant in Asia and the Middle East for over 5,000 years. The Chinese used cannabis seeds long before soybeans. The ancient Greeks prepared a drink, the name of which translated as “quenching suffering” from the seeds.
  • The cannabis seeds are allowed and even recommended for feeding the children. The UK Department of Health said they are one of the best supplements to the schoolchildren’s diet.
  • Only one tablespoon of cannabis seeds contains 50% of the recommended daily proportion of manganese, 17% magnesium, and 6% iron.
  • A cannabis seed contains 1.5 times more Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids than the marine fish traditionally considered to be one of the sources of these elements. There are more amino acids in nuts than in any meat, so they will perfectly complement the diet of vegetarians and raw foodists. The cannabis seeds also contain three times more vitamin E than linseed.
  • Cannabis seeds are an excellent tool for increasing male potency. The salt and nut roasting advice works. Tea with honey and a spoonful of seeds will also be an excellent remedy.
  • Buddhists consider cannabis seeds a sacred food. According to legend, before reaching enlightenment Buddha kept to a diet where he ate one seed of cannabis every day for six years.
  • Cannabis seeds help to become long-livers. There are about a hundred people who have crossed the century-old border in China’s Guangxi Zhuang mountain province. Their secret is fresh air, clear water, and cannabis seeds soup, which they eat daily.
  • The cannabis seed contains vitamin B8 and phytin. Vitamin B8 or mesoinosite is an essential part of carbohydrate metabolism, which acts as a cholesterol regulator. It prevents liver obesity in the case of protein deficiency in the body. The cannabis seeds are the natural source of both elements.
  • Thousand cannabis seeds weigh only 9-20 grams.
  • You can add cannabis seeds to a variety of dishes: make tea, healing infusions, and broths, season salads with them and make nutritious and healthy porridges from them. It is possible to use a blender to grind the seeds into flour and add them to the baked goods, but it is pleasant and useful to eat them raw or in germinated form. The taste of the seeds – with light spicy mustard – leaves a pleasant nutty aftertaste.


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