10 Good Places to Hide Weed

weed hiding spots

Are you looking for the best places to hide weed? This article is about how to hide your weed! Here’s a list of the ten most ingenious weed hiding spots that no one would ever think of. But the best part is that some of them can not only hide cannabis from prying eyes but also prevent the spread of its smell.

Often the hiding places are in a prominent place, but as the popular wisdom says: “If you want to hide something, hide it where everyone can find it.” However, using these recommendations, you will probably forget where you hid your “treasures,” even though you look at them every day.

1. Marker

Removing the marker rod is not difficult, especially if you use pliers. There’s enough room inside for a pretty decent amount of bud or concentrate. You need to remove the lid or the bottom of the marker, then trim the inside rod so that there is free space inside. Stuff the marijuana inside and assemble the marker. It will still be able to write, so it’s one of the best weed hiding spots.

2. Backyard

If you live with your parents or relatives who are adamantly opposed to marijuana, it’s best to have the stash where to hide weed located outside. Place the cones in an airtight zip-top bag, then hide it under a rock in the yard, garage, or shed. We’re sure there are plenty of places in the fresh air around the house that would make a good hiding place.

3. Deodorant Gel

Take a Deodorant Gel, like Old Spice, and pull the deodorant stick out of it (just twist it out). If some of the deodorants are already used up, there will be a space between it and the bottom of the plastic case. That is another one hiding places for weed. Few people will guess to look inside the deodorant because it also hides the smell of cannabis.

4. Old electronics

Every home has at least some old electronics. Lucky for you, almost all of them can be taken apart with a simple screwdriver. The battery compartments are the best hiding places for weed. If you need to hide a bong or pipe, you can always disassemble an old speaker. You can also safely hide treasures in the case of a desktop computer or laptop if you know at least a little bit about technology.

5. Clothes in the closet.

A closet is a place to store clothes and shoes. Try to count how many pockets and pairs of shoes there are. That’s as many hiding spots for weed. Put buds or cannabis concentrate in the pocket of old jeans, and it’s unlikely anyone will find it. It’s best to pack the finished product in a bag or jar to contain the spread of its aroma. Otherwise, the closet will smell like cannabis. Of course, you can always joke that it is such an air freshener or perfume.

6. Coffee Jar

where to hide weed

The rich coffee aroma masks the cannabis smell, and its structure allows you to hide a small bag of cannabis discreetly in the coffee can. You don’t even have to hide the can be less suspicious.

7. Safe

In a safe one hides jewelry, valuable papers, weapons, or cash. But why can’t your “treasure” be hidden in it as well? A personal safe will allow you to safely hide your cannabis even from burglars, the main thing is not to tell anyone the code to the lock.

8. A hiding place in a book

best weed hiding spots

We’ve all seen movies, where the hero takes a book from a bookshelf, opens it, and there’s a cavity inside with a flash drive or jewelry. Such “books” are really smart places to hide weed, and they are also quite easy to make yourself.

9. Special aluminum cans

You can buy special stash jars online. They are inexpensive, but also very useful. They have an airtight design and look indistinguishable from the average soda can. This will allow you to take your “treasures” with you anywhere, except maybe the airport – do not risk too much.

10. The hiding place behind the painting

Another stash known to everyone from the movies is a picture on the wall that slides away. Hardly anyone would think that a few cannabis buds are hiding behind your home photo or painting.

In the end, it all depends on the volume of cannabis you’re going to hide. A few grams will easily fit in any crevice while even half an ounce can be a problem. The bigger the weed, the stronger it stinks. Also, don’t forget the legal limits.

As you can see, the recipe for the best weed stash spots is pretty simple: it must be an airtight place that does not arouse suspicion. Everyday items can be a great safe after a little modification.

However, hiding cannabis is not the best lifestyle you can lead. Especially if you use it every day. Try talking to your family and explaining your position. Maybe you should live separately if there is no other option. Cannabis hiding is an additional reason to develop the paranoia and general anxiety that weed use can cause.

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