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Is weed legal in Italy?

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At first glance, drug policy in Italy does not seem to be optimistic: although consumption was decriminalized back in 2007, it does not go further: storage, cultivation, and marketing are prohibited. But there’s a nuance…

Italy is a Mediterranean country: warm, sunny, and a little relaxed. A policeman here has a thousand important things to do: to talk to his colleagues, to smoke a cigarette with an old acquaintance, to flirt with pretty senoritas, miss or Frau, and not to be late home for dinner, where his wife, kids and a bottle of wine are waiting for him. Please note: catching a tourist with a joint in a quiet park is not on the first, second, or even the last place of this plan. Please note: catching a tourist with a joint in a quiet park is not on the first, second, or even the last place of this plan. Do not break this harmony!

By and large, this is all you need to know about the legality of marijuana and the attitude of Italians to its use. Part of them is weed-friendly because they are just friends, the other part is actually against it, but somehow there is no fuss about it, the third is just lazy to even think about it. Such an indifferent attitude of the society creates preconditions for the official legalization of recreational cannabis.

Italy drug laws

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The first attempt to legalize weed in Italy was made in 2016, but it failed (only technical cannabis, THC-free, was legalized). Nevertheless, the process is ongoing and is moving in a positive direction. At the very beginning of 2019, a bill was submitted to Parliament proposing to legalize the recreational use of weed in Italy, its cultivation for personal purposes – up to three bushes, storage of a small amount at home – up to 15 grams, and possession – up to 5 grams.

Representatives of the Radical Party were the first to support the bill. They draw attention to the fact that in Italy, the use of marijuana is not a crime, while for independent cultivation faces up to 6 years in prison.”It is as if the state itself is pushing citizens towards crime: “You can smoke marijuana, but we want you to buy it on the black market,” a statement published by the Radicals says.

“It is foolish to prosecute those who smoke marijuana when alcohol and tobacco are freely sold. According to a study published in Scientific Reports, alcohol has a risk index 114 times higher than marijuana, followed by heroin, cocaine, and tobacco,” outraged Senator Matteo Montero. He predicts that the elimination of responsibility for the production and sale of marijuana and hashish will save money and effort that could be spent on heroin and synthetic drugs.

Federal prosecutor Franco Roberti also spoke in favor of the law: “Decriminalizing or even legalizing marijuana would be a weapon against smugglers and terrorists who make money to finance their activities.

At the moment, despite the great support in society and even among government groups, marijuana circulation remains limited in Italy. We can buy CBD oil by prescription or use the void in the law to buy Cannabis Light, which will not lead you to the desired effect. It ends legal options, everything else is outside the law.

Despite the backward regulatory framework, the implementation of the regulations is still very loyal, and you will not be in danger if you use weed in Italy responsibly.

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