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smoking pot while pregnant

Does Smoking Weed Affect Pregnancy

We would like to start discussing such an important topic as marijuana and pregnancy by dispelling myths. The Myths Smoking...

hemp seed oil for skin

Hemp seed skincare, treat yourself

Enormous breakthroughs in cosmetology, researches of skincare, new products, combinations of substances opened new cognition and knowledge we have not...


Bubble Hash – the purest high

High-quality buds contain a lot of trichomes, which means a lot of THC. These little hairs on the surface of...


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best way to store weed

How to Store Weed

The method of marijuana storage determines how long your buds will remain potent and fragrant. What is the best way...

ruderalis plant

Cannabis Ruderalis

In our articles, we pay great attention to Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, bypassing Cannabis Ruderalis strains, which also merits...

marijuana anatomy

Cannabis Plant Anatomy

A pretty complex structure makes parts of a marijuana plant look truly fabulous. By studying cannabis anatomy, you can get...



highest thc content strain

Strongest Marijuana Strains

The strongest weed strains are among the most popular on the cannabis market. It is not only because only THC-tolerant...

smoking weed for the first time

How to Smoke Weed for the First Time

Smoking weed for the first time can be quite dramatic. Like any ‘first time,’ it is associated with high expectations....

cannabis life cycle

Cannabis Growth Stages

The weed plant grows from 10 to 36 weeks, depending on the strain. All these periods accompanied by changes in...



sober from weed

How to Stop Being High?

Coming down from a high is not the most favorite moment for marijuana lovers, but perhaps the most long-awaited for...

rolling a joint

Is high sex dangerous?

When it comes to high sex, it’s hard to do objective research. When the senses are studied, it becomes almost...

ocb joint

The best joint roller in the world

In the 21st century, new professions are emerging thanks to technological progress. This is how we want you to meet...



weed and autism

Cannabis for Autism

Children with severe forms of autism are often aggressive towards themselves and others. They get hysterical, and they prefer to...

weed allergy

Can You Be Allergic To Weed?

People who are allergic to marijuana have a specific reaction of the immune system to the entry into the body...

rso overdose

What is RSO

Patients from all over the world use a weed product with the strange name RSO oil. It is a strong...


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